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Blown Glass Art Items - A brief History of Hand Blown Glass Origin

Blown glass art items are of course made from blown glass. Glass blowing is a time honored technique that started during the Phoenecian era. It spread with the start and spread of the Roman Empire. Glass is made out of a variety of materials such as silica, and quartz. The products that comprise glass are heated to around 2500 degrees Fahrenheit. The glass in short is tempered down to the point of cooling in stages. While the glass is still hot, and has an orange glow in heat, the glassblower will use a long metal tube to blow air into the glob of glass. Depending on the final outcome of the glass glob, this will determine how much air is inserted into the glob. The glassblower can shape the object manually. Or, the glob can be shaped by a mold. The glob will be poured into a mold, and then the air is blown so that the glob expands to fit the mold.

There are many different things that can be made into blown glass art. Many people buy things such as glasses, vases, bowls, and household trinkets. These can be bought online, or they can be bought at venues such as craft shows, fairs, or glassblowing design houses. Many people love and prize artisan blown glass art. The glass is clear in general, but the sand that is used for it can be manipulated to create color. There are many designs that employ transparent color. The glass can also be created to have a translucent, or an opaque appearance. Many people love to buy blown glass items that are multicolored. The colors will appear to bleed into each other. They are manipulated while they are still pliable. The artist will blend the colors in a way that creates optical illusions when the glass piece is dried. These are extremely lovely and intriguing to look at.

There is a special type of blown glass art to note, and that is Murano Glass. Murano is an island off of the coast of Venice, Italy. The glass that is produced here is very artistic. Recently, there has been a spike in Murano glass products that are sold in kiosk in U.S. shopping malls. The pieces that are sold in these venues are pieces of jewelry such as pendants, earrings, rings, and bracelets. The glass can be molded and colored into very complicated and intricate designs. It is very lovely to look at, and unique to wear.

Blown glass art can be made into holiday ornaments. Many people love to collect blown glass ornaments. However, these ornaments tend to be very fine and delicate. Special care should be taken with regards to the storage of these ornaments, and the care of the ornaments when they are hanging from high areas, or from tree branches. Blown glass can also be shaped into beads to make jewelry, such as earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. Again, the art work that is created from them is prized, and makes for lovely statement pieces.

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