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Premium Grade Fragrance Oils 1oz Bottles, Suitable for Fragrance Burners, Fragrance Diffuser, Candle Making, Soap Making, Bathroom Bombs.

Description: CRYSTAL XPRESS Premium grade fragrance oil is sourced locally from the the United States. 
Our collection of fragrances bring joy, happiness, and write long term memories in our souls. You cannot get enough of them once you find your favorite ones, and all of them are our favorite. 
Pick from tens of scents that we have and we are sure you will not go wrong. 
Our high quality primum Fragrance Oils are suitable for so many applications. People love them to make soap, cold and warm process. They are used to make candles, bathroom bombs. 
Many of our customers love them to use with their diffusers and fragrance oil burners. They are also used in candle waxes, bath, unscented incense sticks, or coins. They are used in aroma diffusers, and homemade cleaning products, or in unscented products. 

  • You will a generous 30ml / 1oz of CRYSTAL XPRESS Premium Fragrance Oil in  glass amber bottles. 
  • CRYSTAL XPRESS Premium Grade Fragrances, are specially formulated by our years of experienced local master perfumer and balanced to be used directly from the bottle, no need to dilute it. 
  • We support our product with a guarantee, if you don't like it within 14 days of purchase, you can return the product and we will 100% refund you no question asked. 
  • We have been in Fragrance Oils business since 2016 and we know what people like. 
  • All of our Fragrances Collections and scents, are hand picked and were sold to thousands of customers before we brought it online for the internet customers. So have gone through a lot to make sure we bring you the best of the best in the market.
  • Please drop contact us if you have any question @ if you have any question.
  • Please note that we can source higher volume and quantities if need to, please give us a ping.


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Variety of Scents

We are very particular about what type of scent to carry, to make sure you will get the best quality that you expect and love.

Use with Fragrance Burners

To get the instant satisfaction of the amazing scent, use few drops with fragrance burners. You will love it.

Make your beautifully scented slime

Our customers use our premium fragrance oil to make scented slime. This will get rid of the other incidents smells that are usually used to make slime, such as glue.

Enjoy Scented Romantic Bath Bomb

Many of customers use our scent to make amazingly scented bath bobs, to make their bath time more relaxing and enjoyable.

Scented Candles...

Our Premium Fragrance Oil is used to make scented candles. Once lit, it will give you the light, warmth, and beautiful smell you desire.

Customers Reviews

"Love love love this product. After Receiving this one I ordered 3 more for my family"

What our customers say

"Nostalgic. Perfect for the Holiday"

Our Customers opinion

"True Smell"